Fame Game.

Group Members:

  • Anithra Ratnayake
  • Alice Kurowski
  • Yasmin Allaf
  • Jackson Woolan

Celebrity is a concept that everyone of us is all too familiar with in the world that we live in today. It is a status that can be somewhat hard to achieve, as it is a business that is extremely hard to infiltrate and even harder to be successful in.Although it is a difficult industry to get into, it is still a profession that many people aspire to have. The argument can be made by some that the money and recognition that comes with fame, outweighs the negative aspects of it.

                                                                 Picture taken by Jackson Woolan

For our video, we decided to portray an exaggerated version of the celebrity lifestyle. Due to their elevated status, people essentially act as though celebrities don’t deserve the same rights and that privacy is a privilege and ultimately the price they must pay for fame. This then forces them to live in a world of constant
surveillance denying them of their basic rights to privacy.

Having an extensive list of options let us select a topic and genre which everyone felt comfortable working with and also complimented the variety of talents within our group. It also encouraged us to think creatively and explore topics which interested and challenged us, therefore making us feel more connected and involved in the work we were creating.

Our Protagonist, Alice (No Last Name)

The variety of skills and strengths we had allowed us to create a detailed concept for our video and execute it effectively. After deciding that our video would focus on celebrity surveillance, the next step was deciding on the style in which we wanted the story we were telling to be presented.

We considered a more serious news/documentary style film resembling the TV show E! True Hollywood Story and even considered going completely out of our comfort zones and attempting to portray our ideas in the form of a broadway musical. Ultimately however, our singing chops proved to be less than adequate which prompted us to rely on our sense of humour as opposed to our vocal cords.

In the end, we settled on the mockumentary genre as we all agreed that humour was the best way to get our message across. Without dwelling too much on the dark side of celebrity privacy, we did elude to the fact that being a celebrity is not always as glamorous as made out to be.

This was portrayed through the journey of our protagonist, Alice. Her rise and fall to fame showed some of the hardships of being a celebrity such as constantly being surveilled by paparazzi and the public.

Magazine cover for our protagonist Alice (No Last Name) created via canva

The way Alice deals with and reacts to her fame represents the way in which celebrities are portrayed as these unattainable people that many of us  aspire to be and how this treatment can make them believe they are above others, which is clearly demonstrated in the video during Alice’s interview with Yasmin.

Alice’s ultimate downfall was a combination of inflated ego and frustration with the overwhelming obsession with her life, both private and public. Although he didn’t have the same outcome, we drew inspiration for our protagonist from world-famous celebrity Justin Bieber who has become infamous for his outbursts and wrongdoings. Claiming that he believes he is not recognised as a human, Bieber said he feels “like a zoo animal” incapable of keeping his sanity.

We also argue towards the end, that even though Alice tries to ‘quit’ being a celebrity, the reality is that she will never really be able to do so. Once you have gained significant public interest, the chances of you ever becoming ‘normal’ again is slim to none. Celebrities like Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan are proof of this, as although they are long past their days of living in the spotlight, they struggle to escape the fame and lack of privacy.

Anithra Taking a Selfie break while editing our video

To create our video, we engaged in many forms of media to complete a number of specific processes. This included, brainstorming, scripting, rehearsing, refining, producing and editing to make sure our end product was professional and entertaining but overall demonstrated the key surveillance message in relation to the topic we chose.

As with creating any forms of media, a number of specific processes needed to be undertaken, this was no exception to our video presentation. Our group worked individually and together to progress through the many stages of media making. Going through these processes was critical as it allowed us to stay on track and collaborate effectively. It was crucial that we worked together as a team as the majority of the time we were working online and therefore had to ensure we all completed our work in a timely manner as constructive feedback was imperative to creating good content.

Anithra and Yasmin preparing to film a scene.

Online collaboration was critical in allowing us to collaborate from a distance, helping us to give constructive feedback and also to have an input on how the video came together. Google Hangouts, Google Drive, Skype and Dropbox became our preferred modes of communication. Each of these apps proved to be extremely useful when it came to collaborating as it effectively allowed us to communicate and share files with each other while simultaneously working together on one document.

At the end of the day, the topic we chose and the methods through which we chose to collaborate aided us in not only completing a project that we are proud of, but also one that we had a lot of fun doing. No two people are alike, and that was no exception for our group. Working with different skill sets and personalities enabled us not only to produce an accurate representation of our ideas, but also taught us a couple of skills that we will take away with us long after graduation.

Below is the final result of our collaborative video, we hope you enjoy watching it just as much as we enjoyed making it!

Images Used:

Hollywood by Eva Luedin CC BY 2.0

Red Carpet by Allan Light CC BY 2.0

Somewhere Inside the machine by Robert Couse-Baker CC BY 2.0

Reese Witherspoon at 83rd Academy Awards Red Carpet IMG_1306 by Red Carpet Report on Mingle Media TV CC BY-SA 2.0

Kim Kardashian-West, Parramatta Westfield Sydney by Eva Rinaldi CC BY-SA 2.0

Magazine and Tabloid covers created by Anithra Ratnayake Via Canva

Music Used:

SimplySound- Genefikk (Happy Silly Classic Rap Beat Hip Hop Instrumental 2014) by YourRapBeatsTV CC BY 3.0

Element Beatz- Sky (Epic Sad Thoughtful Rap Beat Hip Hop Instrumental) by YourRapBeatsTV CC BY 3.0


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