CCTV In the Home

It’s true isn’t it? We live in a world where we are under constant surveillance, as a result we tend to become so fixated on this being an invasion of privacy, that we manage to forget that surveillance, specifically in the form of CCTV is quite beneficial- most often when it comes to preventing crime.

A couple of years ago, my house back in Sri Lanka had a break in attempt. My big strong guard dog, who normally would have scared off the intruders had decided to take a day off and was off sunbathing in our garden. Luckily, this incredibly smart thief decided to rob the house in broad daylight and my mother managed to spot him while he was climbing up through the balcony and scare him off.

                                                              Picture taken by Anithra Ratnayake, August 2016

My house does have a security guard  stationed at the front day and night. However, they are human as well and as a result are not able to stay awake or keep careful watch the entire time. So what was our answer to ensure that we felt safe in our home? CCTV.

The use of CCTV in homes is quite common in today’s society. Crime rates are increasing, and as a result of this people are “increasingly finding themselves more responsible for their personal safety and well-being” (Rapoport, 2012).

With advancements in technology these days, you are able to monitor your CCTV footage on your phone or on your TV. Of course, my parents have no idea how to connect to it in the first place, but I log in from time to time and I think for them, even though they aren’t quite sure how to work it, the idea that the option is available to them becomes a comfort in its own right.

Picture taken by Anithra Ratnayake, August 2016

Dealing with technology however is never without its problems. As you can see from the image on the right, one of the cameras in my house has lost signal. This is because we recently discovered that someone had actually damaged the camera while attempting it to turn it away from them. Clearly, this time the thieves that were attempting to rob our house were a bit smarter than the last.

This type of incident I guess could prompt the question of how effective surveillance cameras are if they are actually visible to people. In one way they may prevent them from doing wrong, at the same time thieves could simply find a way around it and continue the criminal act.

Another downside to home surveillance that is quite scary, is that you are vulnerable to hackers, especially if you have installed cameras inside the home itself. The article that I tweeted out above, tells quite a scary tale about how hackers infiltrated CCTV cameras that were installed in someone’s home.

At the end of the day, the use of CCTV cameras at home can be argued as both positive and negative. Although, It can’t be said for sure if it actually does deter from anti social and criminal behaviours, one thing is certain, if your home is broken into- the surveillance footage that you capture will definitely prove invaluable in providing evidence to police so that they actually end up identifying the offenders. CCTV might not be the most effective in preventing crime, but there’s no arguing that it makes us feel safe and secure- and who doesn’t want that when they’re at home?




Rapoport, M,  2012, ‘The Home Under Surveillance: A Tripartite Assemblage’, Surveillance & Society, vol. 10, no. 3/4, p. 320


6 thoughts on “CCTV In the Home

  1. Hi Anithra,
    This is a well written and structured blog. I like the idea of including your personal experience in the blog. I like how you begin talking about how before CCTV cameras were needed at home, dogs would usually be used to scare intruders off as this happens in my home country as well. The security guards would be there as well to protect the compound but that does not work at times. Bringing the idea of the CCTV homes reminds me so much of how my cousin’s family did the same thing after having a similar experience to yours. I like how you brought up the idea of both the positive and the negative side of the use of CCTV cameras in the homes. The blog is enjoyable to read. Great job on the blog. 🙂


  2. Hi Anithra,
    I really enjoyed your blog. I like the layout of your blog, and you’re using your own experience throughout the post to support your ideas of CCTVs. As people keeps focus on negatives side of the CCTVs, but I still believe the CCTV still work pretty well on keeping people away from danger, especially home security. All the images you had been used are matched with your content and show the positive way of CCTVs. Keep up on good work!


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