#Effective Twitter use

One of the many topics being discussed in my current media studies class is Twitter and how we can be effectively make use of the social media site that recently celebrated its 10th birthday.

Looking up ‘how to use twitter effectively’, online there seems to be a general trend of advice that runs through each and every article. one such piece of advice shared tells people to be selective of their following.

when you think about this, it makes sense. you will never find any social media site interesting if your feed was filled with pictures or articles from people or sites that you had no interest in. Take your Instagram (my current favourite social media site- sorry twitter!) feed for example, why would you bother scrolling through it if you had no interest in the pictures that people were posting. Twitter is the same, you follow people or sites that interest you, and as a result you will get the most out of it.

Another interesting piece of advice that i came across was to not delete tweets and i think this as a result also ties into the fact that you should think twice before you post online. once you hit send- it’s out there and your online footprints are there to stay. sometimes deleting a tweet that you regret will not get rid of it- especially if someone has responded to it!

Obviously there are a lot more ways to effectively use twitter- but in all honesty the best way to figure it out is to get out there and find out for yourself! Happy tweeting!



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